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237SJ | 18:57 Sat 10th Oct 2020 | Technology
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Has anyone had any luck downloading a Canon Pixma driver that is obsolete after 8.1 onto a laptop running Windows 10? I know it can be done but does it work and are there any glitches?


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By the way, I've googled it but I'm interested in personal experience
Worked just fine for me when I sorted a HP pavilion that came with W8 installed from new. It is still running and instructing the printer. If it is a Canon recommended driver you can trust it.
Am not sure how to start a question but maybe my Q is related to yours. A have an HP printer and used to get the option to print in color or in black & white but it no longer includes a color option so everything is black & white. If a use the print test page that do's show color so my ink cartridge is ok. A googled it and found windows10 seems to cause the problem but the suggestid solution what was removing and re installing the printer seems to risky as a no longer have the setup disc.
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Thank you. Canon say that they don't have a driver for the Pixma 620 on Windows 10. It *** me off that I have perfectly good printer but I might not be able to use it with my latest laptop.
Thats not good is it 237, Canon should of sorted that for you. But if its an old printer and there not able to sort it you can probly get a new one for alot less now.
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bbobinwales - that's the way Honey, the tech companies just want to keep us spending money
Think you may find that W10 itself will sort out the driver issue, if there is one, with it's own generic drivers once it recognises the printer's presence.

Canon say this about the 620.
"Canon will not issue drivers to support the Windows 10 Operating System. The windows 7 or windows 8 drivers should function in the Windows 10 environment with some limitations that are currently unknown to Canon".

That was April 2020. Shame on Canon....they are trying to sell more new printers. Do not let them hold you back from upgrading to w10.
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Thank you Togo. I saw that. I will give it a go and see if it works before I throw in the towel and buy a new printer
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It's a shame really as I liked my Pixma
PS My Canon Pixma 410 runs very well via wifi from a desktop, laptop, and surface pro all using W10.
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Well on the plus side most laptops have SSD drives these days. At least when I drop the bloody thing on my travels, it won't be completely trashed. Interesting that they don't have a ethernet socket but I guess you don't really need that either
They are all rocking up with micro usb ports, and microsd card readers as well. If you prefer an Ethernet connectivity, say in an hotel with duff Wifi you can get a usb to ethernet adaptor.
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The laptop I am buying has SD card slot. That's a 'must'
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The only laptop I found that had ethernet was Dell but it didn't have the spec that I wanted

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