Bracket To Pole.

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allenlondon | 09:12 Wed 30th Sep 2020 | Technology
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I want to fix this:

to an upright pole.

The bolt is only 1.5 inches long, so not long enough to screw through and bolt.

Is there a fitting, which I can bolt onto the pole, with an appropriate hole, which I can then bolt the bracket onto?

Or, an internally threaded rod which I can insert through the pole, bolt on, and screw the bracket into?

Or alternative suggestions!




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Well there are all sorts of ways you could do it but have you checked out someone like this who specialise in what I believe it is you are trying to do I have no connection to the company
I would also mention that the manual strength required to pull up a washing line loaded with wet washing is going to be quite considerable, I believe you mentioned that it was your wife who was going to be doing this and that neither of you are in the first flush of youth? I'm assuming this has to do with your previous questions.
It says that pulley wheels are available separately; that means that the wheel supplied can be removed. Buy 2 longer bolts with nuts etc, drill 2 holes in the bottom to take the bolts and fix the bolts through the post. Refit the pulley.
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Thanks fitzer, bhg.

As I linked in the other thread, what I'm doing is this:

which would mean that Mrs A would walk out onto our decking (no steps involved), peg the washing to the line, and feed the line away from her (or pull it in to bring it back). doesn't seem to do those (in fact only Americans seem to use the system - Mrs A says Brits only use tumble dryers these days).

But kicking it around with our friendly (inventive) builder, I think we've cracked it, one way and another.

I'll post pics of the finished article in a week or two!


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Bracket To Pole.

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