Having Trouble Downloading Chrome

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bednobs | 11:04 Sat 26th Sep 2020 | Technology
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I have a new computer pre installed with edge, but I want chrome. Every time I try to download chrome it instead offers me Microsoft edge from the same open source programme or some such words and I cant bypass it. help


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I suspect that your computer has the old version of Edge on it, which was based upon Internet Explorer. Microsoft have now ditched that in favour of a new version of Edge, which they urge everyone to download. It's based upon the same 'basic' web browser (called 'Chromium') which powers Google Chrome, Slimjet, Brave and many other browsers.

(If the icon you see for Edge is the one on the left here, you've got the old version. If it's the one on the right, it's the new version: )

So Windows is trying to push you towards changing the version of Edge that you use (or, in your case, don't use). However using TC's link should get you Google Chrome without any problems, although I'd prefer to use this link in order to ensure that I got the UK version:

You might also like to try Slimjet, which (unlike Chrome) doesn't try to lock you into Google's services:
(It's my own choice for a default browser).
It may be because you are running windows 10 in s mode, which is designed for security. It only supports apps from the Microsoft store.
It would help if you switched out of s mode to install the crome.

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Having Trouble Downloading Chrome

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