Dell Optiplex 755 Desktop - Help Please - No Internet!

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moggie 939 | 12:19 Tue 22nd Sep 2020 | Technology
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At our apartments for elderly we have just replaced our old PC in the communal lounge which did not work with this refurb one. I have plugged it in and set it up and connected it to the printer and monitor and it comes on no problem showing Win 10 logo.

I connected the existing lead from the phone wall socket into the same socket on the tower. I went into list of connections and the guest connection from the main office which is feet away showed and asked for the wifi password which the manager entered and lo an behold it accepted it and it shows as 'connected secured' exactly like the old PC

So using Google Chrome I opened it up and typed in in search Avast so I could download it. The whole page showed in blue listing the different options to chose as normal but when I tried to click on any of them it says 'no internet connection'!!

I thought that as it shows as connected with a tick to connect automatically that was ok? I went into settings and wifi is on in it's little blue box but underneath it says 'no internet connection'!! Have I done something wrong. I went into settings - network - check connections and it said it was ok.

Can anyone help me please? The elderly residents are missing their computer.




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Thanks for your posts. The WiFi1 and WiFi2 has me baffled but, as long as you get a connection via the Guest account, I can't see that it matters anyway.
18:31 Thu 24th Sep 2020
I'm confused!

As it was originally manufactured, your PC didn't have a wireless card fitted inside it. So, unless someone has since added such a card to it, it can't connect to wi-fi. (i.e. it needs a a wired, 'Ethernet', connection to a router). So a wi-fi password would seem to be totally irrelevant here!

Other than the mains power, the only lead to a wall socket that might be needed for a PC is an Ethernet cable to link it to a router. (An Ethernet cable looks like this: . They come in different colours though, with yellow and orange both in common use).

A computer that's physically connected to a router with an Ethernet cable doesn't need a password. As long as the router itself is connected to the internet, the computer will also be as soon as the Ethernet cable is plugged into it.

So I'm uncertain as to whether you're trying to use a wi-fi connection (which, if there's no wireless card inside the PC, will be impossible) or an Ethernet one.

Start by checking that the Ethernet cable (if that's what it is) is properly plugged in at both ends. If it is, ask the manager to switch the router off for a few moments, while you also switch the PC off. Then turn them both on and try connecting again. If you still can't connect, you might need to try resetting the TCP/IP stack on the computer. (Don't worry! It's a LOT easier than it sounds! ).

If that doesn't work, it could be worth ditching the Ethernet connection altogether and plugging a wifi adapter into a spare USB port. (e.g. one of these: ). You'd then be able to connect the computer wirelessly.

[Just an afterthought: If the computer has been fitted with a wireless card, you might be creating a conflict by having it connected to the router via an Ethernet cable at the same time. Try disconnecting the cable]
Question Author
No I am not using an Ethernet cable definately. The connection I mentioned is a bt cable which goes from telephone socket in wall to same connection in tower the only reason I conbnected it was because it was on the old PC in the residents lounge so maybe it does nothing. The PC as same as old one works from managers hub and is called 'guest' and she enabkled it on the pc by putting in the wifi key and after she did that it showed as 'connected'
One more thing i might mention is when I go into settings and wifi, when I press the power on the tower is shoes as ' connected to internet' for about 10 seconds and then shows 'not connected to internet' If I re power it up again it does the same!
Have asked the company I got this refurb unit from if it has a wifi card as you said. If it does not are you saying that a wifi dongle you mention will work?
Question Author
Hello again Buenchico
Yes - I contacted the seller who said that it has no wireless card in it!!
So - I have ordered the wifi dongle you suggested urgently.
Please excuse my ignorance I just need to put the dongle when I get it into a spare usb port on the tower and will that automatically connect to to the manager's office hub without me doing anything else?
Will I have to set up the wifi passcode again? There are another two locked connections for flats nearby - that will not affect them will it?
Thanks again
The connection to a wall socket seems to date back to the old days of 'dial-up' internet connections, which used the modems that were built into computers. If that's correct, you don't need that lead at all.

When you plug the wifi adapter (a.k.a. 'dongle') into a USB port, its 'plug & play' functionality should kick in, meaning that it will be recognised by the computer as a valid component automatically after just a few moments.

However that's not the same as it then being able to connect to the wifi in the property. You'll still need to enter a password first (unless you use 'WPS' - see below):

Click on the 'Network' icon at the bottom corner of your screen. (It's three concentric quarter-circles: . If it's not visible, click on the upward arrow to reveal it).

Click on the name of the network in the property.

Ensure that 'Connect automatically' has a tick next to it.

Click on 'Connect'.

Then EITHER enter the password OR press the 'WPS' button on the router.

Click on 'Next'.

You should then be connected.
Question Author
Thanks Buenchico so much for going thru all this in simple terms for me. I understand now I think.
The dongle is the same as having a wireless card like my laptop so...when I put the dongle in it will connect to the manager's hub (which is about 15 m away) as would my laptop cnnect with my BT hub in my flat.
The wifi password is already in the PC and shows as 'connected and I have it should I need to enter it again. When I receive the dongle later this week I will try it and report back.
Re. the old BT connecting lead - it was just hanging from the socket and do not think it was used in the old PC anyway.
Thank you

Question Author
Hello Buenchico
Further to your suggestions I have ordered and received the wifi usb from your link ( the supplier of the refurb Desktop Pc told me that there was no wireless card installed and that was usual with this old model) and it came with a small disc which I used to install the exec file which now shows on the desktop. Plugged in the usb wifi dongle and the 'guest pc' now shows in the list of nearby IPs. I will have to wait until tomorrow for the scheme mgr to give me the wireless code that it asks for.
Just one thing I don't understand - above the list of IPs there it now says WiFI 1 or WiF2?
Thanks Moggie
Thanks for your posts. The WiFi1 and WiFi2 has me baffled but, as long as you get a connection via the Guest account, I can't see that it matters anyway.
Question Author
Thank you so much for leading me through this setting up - the PC has now connected as you said it would and is working perfectly!
The residents send there thanks.

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Dell Optiplex 755 Desktop - Help Please - No Internet!

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