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smurfchops | 17:59 Mon 21st Sep 2020 | Technology
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Decided to get an Amazon Firestick rather than Sky. How much will I pay annually to Amazon, and could my son get it through his Amazon account, or do I have to register with Amazon. Also do I need to buy anything else or does everything come with the stick? Thanks all.


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On your stick go to the Google Store and download Kodi.

Install some Addons.

You will be able to watch Sport, Films and TV at £0 cot and won’t have to pay SKY, Virgin, Amazon, Netflix or anyone, anything.

Instruction here. If it sounds complicated, get a small child to do it for you :-)
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>>> and won’t have to pay SKY, Virgin, Amazon, Netflix or anyone, anything

You might have to pay the courts quite a lot when you get fined for illegally downloading content though!

Sticking to doing things legally, an Amazon Fire Stick comes with a selection of apps (and with others that can be downloaded to it) which add 'smart' capability to a 'non-smart' TV and which, depending upon what apps the set has already got, might add extra functionality to an already 'smart' TV. Each of those apps allows you to connect to a different streaming service but it's up to the providers of those services to decide whether or not you get charged for them. So, for example, the BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub and Youtube apps are free to use but the apps for Netflix, Disney+ and Apple TV won't be of any use to you unless you sign up to those services and pay the relevant subscriptions. (You pay the individual service providers, not Amazon).

However one of the apps on the Fire Stick is for Amazon's own Prime Video service. That's available to anyone who's signed up to Amazon Prime, which costs £7.99 per month (after a 30-day free trial) and gets you enhanced delivery options from Amazon as well as access to special offers, etc:
'Amazon Prime' comes with 'Amazon Prime Video' thrown in:
as well as Amazon Music Prime:

Streaming copyrighted material is illegal, and if you stream it, you are breaking the law.
Watching a stream you are not breaking any law (unless the stream is live).
Read my second link, Gromit!

Accessing a service which requires payment, without making such payment, is a criminal offence.
I have no idea what GE Hosting service is, but it is not Kodi. It sounds like they were selling a subscription to content they don’t they own which is obviously illegal.

What a not live stream is not illegal by the viewer.
Try my second Sun link then, Gromit.

It's a CRIMINAL OFFENCE to download copyright material without payment!
Your links seem to be about people profiting from illegal streams not innocent viewers.
They are are about sellers of the boxes profiteering, or the safety of the boxes. Side loading of Kodi onto a Firestick neither scenario applies.
I use a VPN at any rate, so even if local plod don’t understand the rules properly, they are unlikely to call at my IP address in outer Mongolia.

Watching a stream and downloading are two completely different things.
If you download a copyrighted item is onto your device, you have stolen intellectual property. That is illegal, just like taping an album in the 1980s was.
Streaming is the equivalent of hearing a song on the radio. Whether the transmitting radio station was registered or pirate, the person listening was breaking the law.
* the person listening WASN’T breaking the law.
Anyhow, I have side loaded Kodi onto my iPad using XCode and my iOS developer license, and am now mirroring the Wolves v Man City match (From US telly) onto my TV which is connected to my amp and 4 speakers.
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So if l get the stick, what can l watch for no extra cost, and how much is the stick annually? Legally!! I don’t want to pay for any extra apps. I already have the usual apps ITV Hub, YouTube, BBCiPlayer etc. on my TV via the internet. It would be mainly for golf and football, can l watch these, anything else??
The UK broadcasting rights for nearly all sports are held by either Sky or BT. However you access their services, you'll have to pay for them.

The Amazon Fire TV stick can have any of these sports apps put onto it but, even though the apps themselves are free, you'll still need to pay the service providers to make use of them (where relevant):
Once you have bought the stick, there is no annual payment. You can use all the catch up apps. There is an annual subscription if you decide to get Amazon but I don’t think they have any Golf and minimal football.
The Kodi app lets you watch TV from all over the world.
>>> . . . and how much is the stick annually?

There's no annual cost for having the stick connected to your TV. You only pay for those services that you choose to access through it.

I have had my intellectual or property stolen several times, so I am aware it is unethical to watch pirated stuff.

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