Control Structure C++

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PLDC | 06:37 Sun 20th Sep 2020 | Technology
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Create a program that input 4 student names and corresponding final grades. Print the total no. of students who passed and t who failed and print name of student with the highest and lowest grade. Lower than 75% is failed.
Make a c++ code using for statement.


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What is a c++ code?, is it similar to morse code?, if so I could help.
It's a computer programming language, Tony. The OP has probably posted his/her homework.
When I went to school we weren't allowed to do other peoples home work
rocky, my answer was tounge in cheek. Don't do people's homework.
Why are you asking us Answerbankers to create a computer programme for you.?

Anyway the following should help with c++ compiling :-

Popular C++ compilers are:

GCC on Linux
GCC via Mingw-w64 on Windows
Microsoft C++ compiler on Windows
Clang for XCode on macOS

Helpful Hans !!
Tony, C++ is a programming language. And in this question, you have to use the data structure and logic to solve this problems. As most of the programming languages have almost similar syntax. All you need is to apply the right data structure and logic to work on various problems.
this is a very simple task, if you need to ask for help on here perhaps IT is the wrong thing for you to be studying.

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Control Structure C++

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