Outgoing Calls On Iphone

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Ric.ror | 08:02 Sat 19th Sep 2020 | Technology
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Is there a way of temporary blocking OUTgoing calls on my phone?
I want access to everything else


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You can do it on Android phones but not on an iPhone
Question Author
Oh no
That means I’ll have the precious babe wittering about ringing here there and everywhere
You used to be able to ask your phone provider to do it for you. I did once but left it able to receive calls. Don't know if you still can.
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That seems a bit too much of a bother for a couple of hours
I had hoped it would be just doing something in the settings
Question Author
Thanks for all your replies
I rang EE and they can restrict calls but it would affect my incoming too so I shall not bother

Have a great day everyone

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Outgoing Calls On Iphone

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