View Individual Songs Files From Within A Large File/Folder

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zingo1327 | 18:49 Mon 14th Sep 2020 | Technology
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Hi guys, I somehow put all my music videos into one large file/folder???.
I want to take individual songs from the large file/folder and put them on a dvd but the option to open (and display the individual songs) isn't coming up. I can play and burn the large file/folder to dvd but thats not what I want to do.The file/folder is called video-ts and within that it says vts-01-1 VOB video file (VLC). any help welcomed.thank you


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Can't you create a folder to contain all the files you want to copy to DVD, then on each individual video right click on it, click 'copy', then 'paste' it into the new folder? Then copy the whole 'new' folder to DVD. Thats how I've done it before.
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Hi. i can create a new folder but the problem is that I can only transfer the videos as a job lot.I can't view and seperate the videos as individual songs.
Normally when you click on a folder the option "Open" is at the top but all I have at the top is "Play". Scrolling down I have "Play with"but all that does is play all the videos one after the other.
can you not use a vob file splitter program.
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Hi fender. What is and where can I get a vob file splitter?
the program and how to use it.. there are many others but t get you started, i gave a link.

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View Individual Songs Files From Within A Large File/Folder

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