Sideloading Android 10 On Android 9 Phone

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barry1010 | 09:47 Sun 13th Sep 2020 | Technology
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My phone is getting on a bit but is well capable of running Android 10 but the manufacturer is not going to supply the update for over the air downloads and they did with previous versions.

I have watched YouTube vids about how to do this for my particular phone (OnePlus 3T) but it is beyond my capabilities.

Is this something that those shops and stalls that offer to unlock phones and repair screens etc would do?

I want Android 10 on my phone


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Worth asking at the shop.
Question Author
I don't want them to laugh in my face :D
Find one that advertises that they do repairs. Loading an operating system should be something that they are capable of, assuming your YouTube vid was real.
Probably wise to back up data first though.
Question Author
Yes, I always keep my phone backed up but it is a good point. I will investigate further in the week but I would have liked an idea of the cost first. I don't want to be ripped off. Really I should get a grip and have a go myself :(
First make sure that android 10 is available for your mobile model and version.If it is it would be very unusual not to be offered it OTA.
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Not so unusual, Cleggie. Manufacturers stop offering support when a device gets old

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Sideloading Android 10 On Android 9 Phone

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