Mouse Not Working - Help Please

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EdmundD | 13:08 Wed 09th Sep 2020 | Technology
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I was working on my laptop yesterday and the mouse was working fine as usual. Closed it down as normal last night.

Started it up this morning and the mouse doesn't work. I hate using the touchpad so I really do want to get it working again.

Microsoft mouse with a receiver which plugs into a USB port.

Any suggestions?


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Battery is favourite.
Charge up the mouse.

Take the receiver out and give it a wipe and a while before putting it back.

Battery dead ?
yes - do change the batteries
Question Author
No not the battery - I thought of that and put a new one in. No difference.
Gave the receiver a good wipe and no difference.
Tried rebooting but still the same.
Try another battery.
did you take the little "wireless" receiver connected to the mouse, completely out and insert it again.

You haven't inadvertently switched-off the mouse , have you? Some mice have an on/off switch.
This happened to me and it was the little switch on the bottom of the mouse somehow it had turned off without me knowing.
I know all "mouses" are different but mine takes 2 batteries. I put brand new ones in yesterday and it still didn't work and like Tilly said - had to put more new ones in and it started to work. Sometimes it takes a little time to "buffer". So wait too.
bhg answer as well
Mine is rechargeable. I just plug it in to charge it up but I do, occasionally, have to take out the receiver and put it back in again.

Buy a rechargeable one next time.
As a last-ditch effort, try the receiver in a different USB socket on your computer, if you have one.
Yes it’s likely the function key at the top of the keyboard as bhg days. Damn nuisance.
Our cat went through a phase of walking on my wife’s
Mind you disabling mice is what cats do.
Question Author
Mouse is switched on with a red light showing. It takes one battery. Have now tried 3 batteries and still not working.
Is there any way to check if there is a problem with the USB port?
The simple way is to try a different USB port.
Another way is to find your way into the Device Manager and look at the Universal Serial Bus Controllers - if there's a problem it will show up there.
Question Author
Ichkeria - which function key do you mean?
I've never seen a function key for the mouse, just one for the wi-fi. The one I was referring to is on the bottom of the mouse.
Question Author
I think it's the receiver. Just borrowed my wife's receiver and mouse and that works fine.
Thanks everyone for the suggestions.
Does your mouse work in your wife's computer?

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Mouse Not Working - Help Please

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