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derekpara | 22:38 Tue 08th Sep 2020 | Technology
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Don't know how it happened but instead of Mozilla Firefox I get Bing !

I don't want Bing but can't get rid of it. I want Firefox back. Please help !

I'm running Windows 10.

Cheers D.


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bing is not a browser it's a search engine, firefox is a browser.
Firefox is a browser, Bing is a search engine.

Do you mean that instead of Firefox you have Microsoft Edge?

Or do you mean your search engine in Firefox has changed?
As has been said, Bing is a search engine (which, just like Google, is accessible via any browser) and not a web browser.

We might need some more information but, based upon what we know so far, it seems likely that you're still using Firefox but the search engine used by it has switched from Google to Bing.

Assuming that to be the case, click on the 'hamburger' (three lines, top right), then on 'Options' and select 'Search'. Under 'Default search engine' click on the current choice (which, from your post, appears to be Bing) and change it to Google.
Off to school soon. I can pretty much guarantee the school's computers will default to Bing for searches. I've never understood why- I detest it
When you google you will sometimes see the words bing search in the url.
just changed settings to Google and looks like bing has gone.
I always set google as my home page, then just click the little house.
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Thanks all for your answers. Sorry, and yes, my search engine has suddenly changed to from Google to Bing.

Chris, your assumption is correct but, very unusually, having followed your instructions the Bing problem remains. Is there anything I've missed or is there anything else I can do?


If you can't fix the problem any other way, simply reset Firefox back to its 'out of the box' settings:

'Hamburger' > Help > Troubleshooting Information > Refresh Firefox (top right).
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Thanks, Chris. That's done it !


PS. It seems that Bing isn't very popular !
^ don't know why bing is so unpopular, it does the job for me and the differences to google are negligible
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Perhaps because it enters one's system almost slyly - without conscious invitation ?

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Bing !!

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