Canon Inkjet Doesn't Scan Documents Anymore

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EdmundD | 17:00 Fri 04th Sep 2020 | Technology
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I haven't used the Scan function on my Canon PIXMA MG6400 series Inkjet for some time. Today I tried to scan a document into my laptop and it didn't work.

There have been some Windows updates recently and I wonder if they have affected the drivers?

Do I need to reinstall the software? I am on Windows 8.1.

Thanks in advance.


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This may be worth having a read through Edmund. This is the main page from the previous link.
17:21 Fri 04th Sep 2020
I find if stuff like that happens then my first thing is to uninstall and reinstall the printer/scanner. There is also the risk that the printer will no longer work with win 8, its pretty old now!
What does the manual say about this?
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Thanks Woofgang.

According to the Canon website it does support 8.1
Does it let you scan and photocopy a document. Not the wifi scan to pc but the hard copy where you insert the document and press copy?
Another question I'm afraid. Are there any error messages on either your pc or the printer display?
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Thank you all for the prompt and helpful responses.

I scan by putting the hard copy document on the printer platen.

I decided to reinstall the printer drivers from the Canon website and I can now scan.

Thanks again.
Well done Edmund and ta. I like my Canon pixma printer. Just a thought ....why stick with w8? It was probably the least user friendly of all the microsoft operating systems. I couldn't wait to upgrade my laptop that came with 8 installed.
By far the easiest way is to delete all Canon mentions and download the latest driver for 8.1 from the website.

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Canon Inkjet Doesn't Scan Documents Anymore

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