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naomi24 | 17:59 Fri 28th Aug 2020 | Technology
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I've just started using this and I have a white 'x' in a little blue box that keeps popping up on my screen. It doesn't appear to 'do' anything and disappears when I click it,.only to reappear when I change to a different AB page. It's not really a problem but it's a bit irritating and I'd like to know what it's there for and if I can get rid of it permanently. I've googled but I can't find anything about it. Does anyone know?


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Is it only on AB? If so I wonder if it's something to do with the privacy settings that have irritated a lot of users over the last year or so,. There are quite a lot of threads about it. I use Chrome at home and don't get it but I often do at work, it's either a banner or a box at the bottom of the screen and it's definitely white writing, there is also a x on a sky blue background.
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Yes, Prudie, I've just had a little google for other things and it does appear to be only on AB.
Boxes with 'x' in the corner, but with no content, tend to occur when your browser has blocked something that the website owner wants you to see (such as an ad or a notice about cookies) but not blocked the box which should contain the message. (As you're only seeing it on AB, it could well be something like AB's 'we value your privacy' messages, which have a nasty habit of turning up on every page with some browsers). As the problem really lies with the code on AB's website, I doubt that there's a way that you can configure Chrome to prevent it happening.

Might I suggest that you try using Slimjet instead of Chrome? It's built around the same basic (Chromium) browser that powers both Chrome and the latest version of Microsoft Edge but it doesn't keep sharing all of your information with Google and, because it blocks ads by default, is faster than Chrome:
It blocks ads by default? Interesting. No need for the unmentionable, then.
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//Boxes with 'x' in the corner, but with no content//

It's not like that, Chris. It's a very tiny rectangular blue box, I'd say almost half an inch wide and about a quarter of an inch high, and the white 'x' fills it. It pops up and sits about an inch and a bit up my screen and about 5 inches in from the right hand edge.

You do realise I'm sitting here with a ruler, don't you? :o)

I really am!
The HTML code for a box containing a 'we value your privacy' message (or similar) can be 'self-expanding', meaning that it enlarges to fit the text that goes inside it. If that text is then blocked by your browser, the box no longer gets expanded and only a tiny basic-sized box will remain, which is what I think you're seeing.

"No need for the unmentionable, then"
Are you aware that you are not allowed to mention the unmentionable?
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Thanks Chris. At least that explains the irritating little bug!

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