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Spicerack | 08:11 Wed 12th Aug 2020 | Technology
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Give me a simple fix to try?
The voice over ( William Hill) on my Racing Post App isn't working.
Turned everything off and on 200 times. Removed Apps and redownloaded them.
I was enjoying the commentary only. Like being in the bookies donkey years ago.


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Even bet a couple of horses ( losers) to try and spark it into life. No good.
It's not something as simple as a volume control being switched off, is it? I don't know anything about the app and you haven't said what device you're using but, for example, YouTube has its own volume control as does my computer, so sound switched off on either would result in no sound.
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I thought it might be something simple like that but I've looked and looked to no avail.
Is that the only app with no volume?
You still haven't said which device
Have you got Bluetooth enabled? If the sound disappears on my phone, it's usually because it's randomly connected to some other device (such as my car).
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I'm not too sure, bhg. It's a crepe Vodafone mobile, fitzer. Went in the shop for a Samsung and the bloke came back and said ' None in stock but our phone is exactly the same'. Practically forced it on me.
All the apps work OK on my lap-top.
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I did switch Blue Tooth on recently, the chair. I'll try switching it off for a bit.

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Could Any Of You Techno Wizards..

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