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lankeela | 09:45 Sun 02nd Aug 2020 | Technology
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We have a printers website that has our dog show schedules on but recently when you go to it the page says it is 'Not Secure' but if you click on ADVANCE then you can proceed to the site. I understand it is to do with browser settings and it is since there has been updates - can anyone tell me how to fix this? There is no worry about the site, and on some browsers eg IE you can get straight in to it (I use Chrome).


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Not sure if you mean its your website or just a site you visit.

Sounds like it doesn't have SSL - if its your site check your hosting company or registrar - they may provide a free ssl certficate. Otherwise you'll need to buy one if you accept peoples details onto the site (Google did a change over a year ago that they would flag up as insecure any site that had a contact form etc.)

If its a site you visit, you can't do anything - its up to them.
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Not my site, it is one we use for entering dog shows - Fosse Data. They say their payment page is secure but you can't get on to their page showing schedules without it saying 'Not Secure' when using Chrome.
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Its perfectly normal when using Internet Explorer.
Just looked using my ipad. Their homepage doesn't show the padlock (which indicates a secure site) but other pages do. If you look at the link below it does not have https which indicates security.

Chrome is from Google.

Have you tried going direct to the page you want rather than go via thier homepage?

You'll notice the above page does have https. Thier site is not configured correctly.
From January 2017 Chrome has been configured to look for user input fields (such as those you might use for entering credit card information but also things like the boxes on AB where you type your questions and answers) on any website using the non-secure 'http' protocol, and to mark it as 'Not secure'. From July of 2018 Google's policy has then been for Chrome to flag up a 'Not Secure' message on all websites that use 'http', rather than the encrypted 'https' method of transferring data, irrespective of whether there are any user input fields present.

So, in order to avoid Chrome users seeing that message, all website owners have been required to ensure that they only use 'https'. As Tuvok says, some of the pages used by Fosse Data (including their home page) are still using the older, and less secure, 'http' protocol.

Most other browsers (including Slimjet, which I'm using now) do actually mark such sites as 'Not secure' but often only by placing a label next to the URL of the site in the browser's address bar, rather than by putting an alert box on top of the relevant page.

There's nothing you can do yourself to fix the problem, other than hassling Fosse Data to get their website in order.

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Site 'Not Secure'

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