Unfair To People Who Don't Use Or Want A Smartphone

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Bert45 | 11:25 Sat 01st Aug 2020 | Technology
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I don't have a smartphone. I don't want one. But some photo printing companies offer 50 free prints a month with an app that can only be used with a smart phone. Why can't they or won't they offer me the same facility from my PC? What are the commercial reasons why they can print from a phone for free, but not from a computer? I know that there is no such thing as a free lunch, and they must make enough on their p&p charges to print the photos for "free".


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Possible they want your name, address and mobile number and future sales. No such thing as free.
You're not alone, bert. I've never had any kind of mobile phone, and get frustrated by the increasing assumption that everyone has a smart phone, especially recently re Covid 'test and trace'.
I can buy a laptop cheaper than a smartphone, for which I have absolutely no need or use.
its simple. they are offering the deal and they set the terms of the deal.
Just use the ones that don't require you to have a smartphone app then
Jackdaw, you can buy a new smartphone for under £100, a Motorola. You can get even cheaper phones.

Bert, you can use an Android emulator on your pc and install apps that way. You could give it a go. Another option is to buy a super cheap Android tablet such as the Lenovo Yoga for £69.

The final option is to pay for your prints using an online service such as Snapfish or Photobox - or take them to a shop that will print them from a USB stick.
Yep...I think I paid £60 for a Nokia smart phone and that was a few years ago.
SlackAlice, when you buy prints you have to supply your name and address so they can be posted. Can't see them being desperate for you phone number as it so easy to block unknown callers on a mobile.
Have read this a couple of times and it would appear that you want all the benefits of the offer.. But you don't have and won't consider having the one most basic requirement to receive the free offer.
These days you have a job to find the most basic type of mobile phone. Have you not considered moving on with the times and getting a basic smartphone. You are obviously using a pc, therefore must have some degree of technology experience. Nobody can say a smartphone is expensive these days, I can easily point you in the direction of an all singing and dancing phone for around £100. Or if you want something cheaper here is today's best deal...
I'm with Bert - don't have and don't want a mobile phone.
That's fair enough, Tuvok. You don't have to have one but those who choose not to can't moan about missing out.
Nothing unfair about it at all. The company has developed its business strategy on using a mobile app. If they were to say use a website that would involve considerable extra expense in both the creation and the maintenance/running of it. My guess is their business model showed the number of extra people it would attract was not worth the outlay and additional running cost.

If you dont want a mobile then fine, you cant have this offer find another one that doesnt need it.
I don’t really understand your point - there’s probably loads of deals on stuff I don’t want or can’t get due to the t’s & c’s. Kind of a suck it up situation.
Years ago the local paper ran an offer of free something or other for folk in Corby.

I worked with someone who lived outwith Corby but had the paper and seen the offer. She 'phoned them up (whilst at work) to have a go at them about how it wasn't fair that only folk in Corby were getting the offer.

They let her have it in the end. I couldn't get over her attitude.
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Shaerrardk, yes I can see that. And barry1010, I do use Photobox and Snapfish. They occasionally offer 50 free prints, just pay p&p, but they haven't had the offer in a long time. It's not just the cost of a smartphone, that stops me getting one; don't you also have to pay something each month for the privilege? For youngmafbog, Photobox and Snapfish have websites as well as the app offers. I was probably wrong to say "it's unfair", yes they set the rules and I have to suck it up (sherrardk). But I'm curious, I suppose, about the economics of the industry. What makes it more profitable for them to offer 50 free prints a month on an app, rather than with a PC. I'll try the emulator thing. Thanks for the suggestion, barry 1010.
Bert, no, you can get it on PAYG.
Far more pernicious than that, Bert (although Woofgang will probably tell us to suck it up, losers)... My mate Tom, army veteran, 85 years old, got a letter last week telling him that in future he will have to send his own meter readings (Southern Electric) in online, as they aren't sending meter readers any more.

No, he ain't online. Nor has he got a www phone. And there was no phone number on the letter to complain to.

We are the new Lost Generation, Bert, in spite of what Woofgang and others might say about them setting the terms of deals, and us having to suck it up.

Allen, if Southern Electric have not given any options for people to send in their meter readings other than online they must surely be taken to task about that.
Allen, he can submit the meter readings by phone or maybe get a smart meter, according to their website
Other suppliers of electricity are available.

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Unfair To People Who Don't Use Or Want A Smartphone

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