Help With My Hp Envy 4507 Printer Please!

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moggie 939 | 06:41 Wed 29th Jul 2020 | Technology
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Have just replaced my printer with exactly the same model after the first one stopped working. I only use it with a USB lead not wi fi so set it up with HP print and scan doctor - so far so good. It showed the model picture and the usb as connected. I still use Win 10 on my laptop.

My problem is that it is not working the same as the old one and I can not see why! The problem is with the printing - scanning works perfectly. This is what is happening:

1. Test prints all work ok.

2. If I say want to print a web page I click on the 3 vertical dots in Windows 10 and then print and it brings up the preview and prints as usual.

3. Putting a document on the glass and pressing copy works perfectly.

4.However - if I want to print a photo from one in 'my docs' I open it in Windows photo viewer as usual and when looking at it and at the top is a print icon. I click on this and nothing happens at all! On my last identical printer this action opened a box for me to choose paper size etc and a PRINT box which I clicked to start the print and a little print icon appeared on my task bar. Nothing happens!

I thought at first that as this was an older model it was not compatible with Win 10 but my old printer worked perfectly! There was a disc which came with it but I can't use that for set up as I have no cd slot and anyway I set the old printer up online the same.

Any ideas please - I have tried everything inc looking in the manual which I downloaded. I realise there are settings on the actual printer but I was loathe to touch these as I did not on the old printer and all worked ok.



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Maybe the photo viewer needs a printer setting changing. Perhaps it's trying to send it to your old, no longer connected, printer. Check out the photo viewer print settings, or check all the print queues for the expected print.
08:50 Wed 29th Jul 2020
First off, make sure you have the latest drivers installed, download and install from here.
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Thanks SlackAlice
Thought I had done this but will try again later this morning and come back.
Maybe the photo viewer needs a printer setting changing. Perhaps it's trying to send it to your old, no longer connected, printer. Check out the photo viewer print settings, or check all the print queues for the expected print.
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Slack Alice - the drivers were already installed correctly.

Old Geezer
The Photo Viewer was what I used before. I got rid of this and made Win 10 Photo Viewer my default and as soon as I opened a photo it appeared in Edge with a printer icon. Clicking on this gave me a drop down panel from which to enter paper size, paper etc. Low and behold it now works!
Whilst it prints perfectly on plain paper I have to be very careful to push the photo paper right in for it to catch the rollers or else it only prints part of the photo!
Anyway you have solved my problem
// Help With My Hp Envy 4507 Printer Please!//

er so you would say
this printer doesnt arouse much envy now-!
Good to hear.
Make sure the photo paper is the recommended weight/thickness for your printer. Too thick and the printer may not be able pick it up from the tray properly, which might be part of your problem.
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Hello again Old Geezer and others - may I ask a further printer question please?
As I said the photos are printing using Edge and Win 10 photo viewer - almost.
When I bring up the photo and press printer icon in top r/h corner options appear on the dropdown on left of screen and I click on the following:
Portrait/Landscape - usually landscape
Paper size in tray - A4
Type of paper - photo other
Size of photo - say 7x5
Fit to page - I tick this
This has been working ok and my photo then appears in the middle of the A4 photo paper sheet
but.......If I put actual 7x5 photo paper in the tray (either straight in or sideways in) whatever I do I only get a part of the photo!
So I am having to waste A4 photopaper for one photo.
I have tried everything - in the dropdown list there is another line which asks for photo size but if I enter a size here it comes up in red something like 'not correct' and I cannot proceed
Is there something I am doing wrong please as on my old HP 4502 when I put in say 7x5 paper the photo came out and filled the sheet.
Thanks again
It may still be expecting to print on A4. Try looking for a paper size setting, either in the viewer or the printer's settings. Much needs trial & error to spot the problem.
Download Hp Print and Scan Doctor -its really good and checks and repairs.

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Help With My Hp Envy 4507 Printer Please!

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