Cursor Playing Up - Again

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DTCwordfan | 19:05 Sun 19th Jul 2020 | Technology
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Microsoft 10 on Asus - Google Chrome platform.

Every 6-8 weeks the cursor decides to play up - sticking on pages, sticking period, making typing difficult, opening up other windows, opening up the right mouse box,....and very annoying. It usually goes as quickly as it appears. Still haven't got any reason to why and how to cure this.....can anybody enlighten me..... the fibre-optics router power is low at the moment - could this be a cause of it?

Thanks in advance


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>>> the fibre-optics router power is low at the moment - could this be a cause of it?

Not as far as I can see.

The problem you describe is usually associated with something hogging all of your PC's processing power or memory. The fact that it occurs periodically suggests that it could be an update process (e.g. for Windows or for your security software) that's taking place. All I can suggest at the moment though is to keep the Task Manager running, but minimised, and when you encounter a problem try to bring it up to full screen (which obviously won't be that easy with a sticky cursor, I know) in order to identify what it is that's causing the problem. Then, if the answer isn't obvious to you directly, we might be able to advise you as to the best way forward.

(If you're unfamiliar with using Task Manager, please refer to my post here: ).

It might also be worth running a malware scan. Download and run AdwCleaner. (There's no installation process involved. You simply run the downloaded file directly):

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thanks for this and it's now about 80% improved, and picking up all the time - have dumped two pre-loaded files from Asus......and this has helped.
Thanks for your post, both here and on the other thread where you say that Bullguard Scanner is using 315MB of RAM. That seems high to me. This site suggests that you should be seeing a far lower figure and the equivalent figure that I'm seeing in Task Manager for my Avast anti-virus software is only around 40MB.

As an experiment, it might be worth temporarily disabling Bullguard Scanner by right-clicking on its entry in Task Manager and selecting 'End process'. (Don't worry if you see a warning that the world will end if you proceed; just go ahead and do it anyway. To re-enable Bullguard Scanner, simply reboot your computer). Nothing nasty is likely to happen without Bulguard Scanner running for a few minutes but it will give you time to see if your machine runs more smoothly without it.

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Cursor Playing Up - Again

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