Apple Ipad 12.9 3Rd Gen

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chessington | 11:42 Sun 19th Jul 2020 | Technology
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Hi I have an Apple Ipad, I got it November 2018, all fine etc and now, the battery keeps dying, I will charge it fully and turn off, then get it back out drawer a couple of days later to use and it is DEAD??? Does anyone know why? and also will Apple help for free, or will I have to pay now the warrenty is finished as over a year old? TIA


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Your battery needs replacing and you will probably have to pay. Is there an Apple store near you?
Even if the battery is shot it shouldn’t go flat that quickly, my iPad Air 2 is over 3 years old and holds charge fine. First things first, quit all running apps and hard reboot then recharge and see what happens
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In settings go to Battery.
It tells you your usage over 24 hours and 10 days.
It tells you which apps have been using all that power.

If you want to know the iPads battery health download the Apple support App from the AppStore. They can test your battery remotely, and advise you. Or use the website
Well, surprised you are having problems with the battery so soon,I have the first generation 12.9 iPad Pro and it is still going strong, although the battery does deplete quicker than before but i keep it plugged in most of the time.
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thank you, I have changed the case, I had a snugg keyboard case and im thinking the flap over the button could have kept it pressed, not sure, im keeping an eye on it, thanks for replies

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Apple Ipad 12.9 3Rd Gen

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