Compatible Inks Won't Print.

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Barsel | 18:53 Mon 29th Jun 2020 | Technology
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I bought some comparable/compatible inks for my Canon Pixma MG 5650 printer but they're not lighting up and they're not printing. I phoned Canon who told me the printer isn't recognising them and they only recommend I buy Canon inks. I have bought these before although not this make and not had a problem before.Any ideas or will I have to buy Canon inks?


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The cartridges probably contain chips that need to be programmed before they can be used. Some firms are better than others at ensuring that their cartridges are properly chipped.

I recommend Inkredible, who provide excellent products and service. A full set of all 5 cartridges will only cost you £8.98 (with discounts for quantity and loyalty points too):
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Thanks Chris, a lot cheaper than Canon. I take it there's nothing I can do with the inks I've already bought?
Have you tried holding own the stop/cancel button for 5 seconds or so? On a Canon printer usually a triangle in a circle icon, maybe red.
All I can think of to do with the duff cartridges is to return them to the supplier and demand a refund, as they weren't "fit for purpose" (as required by the Consumer Rights Act 2015).
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Togo what will that do?
I think it sorts out the chip on the replicas that are manufactured with an empty status. Holding down the reset button may well kickstart the chip into compliance.
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I'm afraid nothing happened when I did that Togo.
I am not sure whether you have to get the menu to an "ink has run out" message or warning before you hold down reset. It has been a while since I used them. Must confess I stopped because the price of the branded came down and the compatibles were awful messy blighters.
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I've just sent for the ones that Chris has recommended.For the price of the canon inks, I could get a new printer!
You are almost spot on with the "get a new printer" solution. They give the damned things away to hook up the cartridge use scam. Almost every printer different, for future revenue. I run a Canon MX 410 Pixma....great printer/scanner/fax(remember them?) but the bleedin cartridges are daft money. Not so bad now there is just the 2 of us and all sorts of rubbish not being printed off.
I would contact the company you bought them from first and explain it to them. They could say if there is something else you need to do to get them working or if not maybe send you a new set. I have a Canon MG6450 and it works fine with compatibles. I get mine from
A few years ago I read somewhere that printer ink was more expensive than the finest caviar, champagne, saffron and liquid gold, anyone know if this is true?
I don't see how it can be :)
In the past I have successfully taken a working chip and transferred it to the non working cartridge. Not difficult.

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Compatible Inks Won't Print.

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