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llamekuf | 16:40 Mon 29th Jun 2020 | Technology
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What is the latest of version of Chrome please.

Where on Android devices does it say what version is installed please.


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I've just gone into Settings > Apps > Chrome on my Android phone and it's showing 'version 83.0.4103.106'.

That's the latest version:

Chrome should update automatically on an Android device but you can find instructions for forcing an update check here. (Ensure that the 'Android' tab is selected):
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Thank you BUENCHICO.

My version on my tablet is 81.0.4044.138 - an old version.
Unfortunately using the links you have in your reply will not let me update.
Would I need to reinstall chrome?
Kevin Baker's answer here might be relevant:
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Thank you ALAVAHALF but unfortunately when I click on any of the buttons which say 'update ' nothing happens.
Once an Android device becomes three or more years old you are unlikely to get any more updates and security becomes an issue. It probably wont accept the latest updates anyway.
How old is your device ?
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The tablet is 5 years old.
>>> Once an Android device becomes three or more years old you are unlikely to get any more updates.

That might apply, to a certain extent, to the Android operating system itself but there's no specific reason why it should apply to individual apps. My phone runs an older version of Android (6.0, Marshmallow, from 2015) but I've still got the latest version of Chrome on it.

It might still be worth checking which version of Android your device is using though, Llamekuf. If it's a really old version it's possible that the latest version of Chrome isn't compatible with it.
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My thanks again BUENCHICO.

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Chrome On Android Debices

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