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barry1010 | 08:26 Mon 29th Jun 2020 | Technology
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Has any had their OnePlus phone repaired by OnePlus? My phone needs a new battery (the phone is otherwise perfect) so I logged on to the OnePlus for more information. The price for a new battery is £6 +VAT, postage and labour costs. Reasonable, I thought, so I submitted the request form expecting to get a total price.
Instead I got a 'repair accepted' notice and told that my phone would be collected within 24 hours.
I have cancelled the repair because I am not prepared to enter a contract without at least a quote if not a firm price for the overall cost.

I would appreciate your experience of the OnePlus repair service.


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I had never even heard of oneplus till this post :)
Good move, cancelling.....58% one-star reviews on Trustpilot.
is there something special about this phone as phone batteries are usually easy to replace.
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It's buying the replacement battery that is the problem. Can't find any with good reviews and OnePlus don't sell them.
barry have you tried google or Ebay?
>>> It's buying the replacement battery that is the problem. Can't find any with good reviews and OnePlus don't sell them

So, can we move on from your original question then and ask for the make and model of your phone, please?
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It’s a OnePlus 3T that supports Dash charging.
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TonyV, I’ve tried eBay, Amazon, Google. Found batteries for sale but none with good reviews
I bought a phone battery through this German company.
They are excellent. Have a look.
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Thanks, ladybirder, but they don't have them in stock until 20th August (if then).

^In stock, estimated delivery 15-30 days, shipping to UK $10.45

I have *no* idea if they're reputable. The video on that link shows the replacement procedure, should you need it.

That was the first one I looked at, apologies if it's no use.
barry you have probably already seen this, if it is OEM then should be OK.
This eBay seller has nearly 40,000 reviews, averaging 98.5%:

Fitting instructions here:
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Thanks, TonyV, I'll look in to Replace Base. Looks good on first sight.
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Buenchico, this puts me off the one you linked to: To avoid further troublesome, Please double check it is the correct one you need.

barry should have added if you pay by credit card rather than debit, you will have more rights, but you probably know that.
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Tonyv, only if the item costs £100.01 or more, otherwise the debit card gives the better protection :)
barry ok didn't realise that, so bank will give you more protection then. You live and learn.
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Thanks all, have just ordered from Replace Base. Fingers crossed that I'm not all fingers and thumbs and my wife's hairdryer works.

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