Universal Power Adapters / Ma Level

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tourdeforce | 21:28 Wed 24th Jun 2020 | Technology
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Hello Folks,
I am in need of a universal power adapter for two different products.

One is Brother PTouch 1230 label printer and the other is a QUBZ PC DVD writer. I am not sure if the two sockets are the same size although they do look similar.

The only info on label printer is DC IN 7-9V just under the power socket but the DVD writer has no info other than the polarity symbol.

How do I work out which power adapter I need. Eg. Which MA level do I need? (I have seen 600MA, 1000MA etc. and others.)

How do I know which voltage to set it to to get the the DVD writer working without blowing it up?

Looking forward to your answer in anticipation.
Mr DeForce


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I'm confused because I've never come across an external DVD writer that doesn't get its power from the PC that it's connected to (via the USB connection), so I can't see why it would need a power adapter anyway. e.g. this DVD drive is powered via the USB cable:
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Hi. Buen,
I have already seen that item for sale, but if you have a look at this:- you will see that it does have a power supply plugged in.
Your label printer is designed to work with Brother's own AD24ESUK power adapter. A new one (from the original manufacturer) will cost you £10.58 from the Post Office
£11.98 from Currys
or you can buy from any of these suppliers recommended by Brother

Reading the label on it, you can see that it supplies 9V at 1.6A (= 1600mA)
That's more current than most universal adapters can supply (unless you pay a lot of money for one), so it would seem to make more sense to buy the original product anyway.
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Thanks for info Buen, I can see you have put in a lot of effort.
Thanks, TdF.

Rather than mucking about trying to find a power supply for the DVD writer (which could easily turn out to supply the wrong voltage, have the incorrect polarity, provide inufficient current or have the wrong size power connector), it might be easier - and not much dearer - to fork out twelve quid (post free) for a new one:

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Universal Power Adapters / Ma Level

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