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ubasses | 10:40 Tue 23rd Jun 2020 | Technology
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I am a technophobe that does not do Social Media. Mr U has facebook which we use to have video chats with friends abroad, but he is not really into it.
My problem is that the physiotherapists phoned yesterday and advised me that he would do a virtual appointment at 4pm today. (Mr U was out at the time)
How do we accept a call from a new person on the laptop, he thinks that we can only have video chats with people who are already friends.????


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you need to find out which platform they are going to use to video you. There is a possibility they will use a different platform, and email you with the link before then.
is it NHS? if so, very unlikely they would use FB messenger
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Thanks Bednobs, it is a Private Physio. I hope they do send e-mail as there is no answer on the phone at the moment. The person who rang referred to it as facetime so we think it could be Apple. Didn't help when she said she did not do social media either. (the friends we talk to are on Apple and but don't know if they did anything special)
FACETIME is apple, so if you don't have an iPhone, or apple device you will not be able to do that.
but if they said facetime, they will try and do it via your mobile number, it will fail (if you don't have an apple device) and then they'll ring you instead probably
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Thanks, Mr U has just returned at the same time as they texted with confirmation of appointment from a mobile, he is now going to ring them. Fingers crossed.
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Thanks again bednobs, all sorted now, they probably think I am an idiot.
is the apt going ahead? If so, how? (you don't have to tell me, I'm just curious now)
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Yes, thank goodness, apparently they can do any platform necessary. Just need to know the right one!
Don't think I can stand the pain for much longer.

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Help - Facebook Messenger Video

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