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dollymay | 19:27 Tue 16th Jun 2020 | Technology
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I have a Brother DCP-135C printer, used with an Acer laptop, Windows 10, normally via Firefox. The scanner and photocopier work fine, but although the printer LCD says 100% normal, it wont print from the computer, it just stopped suddenly. I have tried turning off and unplugging everything and waiting but it still doesn't print. I know its an old printer, do I just need to replace (in which case, suggestions please??) Or reinstal - dont know how to do this. Help please??


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Your printer uses a built-in Windows 10 driver but it might have become corrupt. Let's try reinstalling it:

Unplug the USB cable that's connecting your printer to your PC.

Go to 'Devices and Printers' (or whatever it's now called in Windows 10; I'm still using Windows 7). You should be able to get there via the 'Start' button, either directly or by going to 'Control Panel' first.

RIGHT-click on the icon for your printer. Select 'Remove'. (If you're asked to confirm the action, do so).


With the printer switched on, reconnect the USB cable. That should initiate the re-loading of the driver. (You'll probably see an 'installing driver' message appear after a few seconds, followed a short while later by a message stating "Your device is ready to use").

Cross your fingers and try printing something.

Only yesterday my Brother printer wouldn't print even though all seemed well ..On Windows 10.
What I did is more or less what Bc has just told you.
Unplug the printer cables ..
In the search box at the bottom left I typed..
This PC ..
Find Printers and select your Brother model ..
Right click on it and select remove.
Plug your printer cables back in.
I restarted my PC and within 5 seconds the driver had been found and installed.
That was it .. done !

Just in case there are any issues with drivers..
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Thanks to both of you, sorry I havent replied before, I tried last night removing the printer and then reinstalling it as suggested, and then again this morning, but no joy. The control panel clearly shows the printer is installed and marked as default. Under Device Manager it states the printer is 'working'. The scanner works, which I dont understand as this shows there is connection between the printer and the computer. Any more ideas please?? I didn't mention before but I connect the printer via a USB/printer cable.
It still appears to be a driver problem at the root of things. (An 'all-in-one' printer is actually two separate devices, a printer and a scanner, in the same box. They've each got their own driver, which would explain why your scanner works but the printer doesn't).

However if you've got the correct driver properly installed, and the printer isn't responding to it, then it might be a hardware fault with the printer - which, regrettably, will almost certainly mean that it's time to go shopping for a new printer :(

It might be worth trying a call to Brother UK support first though, on 0333 777 4444. (0900-1730. Calls are charged at the same rate as those to 01 and 02 numbers are which means that if you've got an 'included calls' package on your mobile or landline you won't be charged).
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Many thanks again, probably have to bite the bullet and get a new one!

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