Webcam For Windows Ten?

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Grandpappy | 14:59 Sun 14th Jun 2020 | Technology
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Is there a webcam that actually does work,really does work, on a windows ten machine that has 1909 installed?
If so which & how much is it?


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Everything from the cheapest to the most expensive should work with it or do you have a quirky setup
Get yourself the Logitech Brio. We set one up for "She who must be obeyed" as she is working from home and using video conferencing facilities. The laptop camera was rubbish so I set this up.
This is the actual one that we ordered from Amazon. Works well. The Brio is brilliant but expensive. User Recommendation
Logitech C920. It's been the best web cam for years. There's now a C920s but it's more expensive for liitle extra benefit. The only problem is, like most decent web cams, thanks to COVID-19 and all those home workers, you'll be hard-pressed to find one in stock.
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Must admit CrapAtCrytics the only fault I can find in your answer is the word'should'! A perfectly normal setup and 3 cameras that all worked on the same system last year BEFORE updating to Windows Ten version 1909?
Since then none of them have worked and I'm not the only person experiencing the same problem!
So before spending a couple of ton I'm understandably cautious!
Have a read through this . Excuse the site name(I have used it for years). If I was having a guess I would think you had your settings wrong for what your pc does when it detects you are operating the camera button. You have been posting with this issue for a while I think.
I have 1909 and no problems thus far - fingers crossed.

Let drivereasy have a look at your machine and see what needs updating might solve your issues.
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Sorry to get people involved in what should be a very simple problem?
As I've said earlier-cameras worked when v.1803 was running, but not with 1909-they (Windows) haven't attached the relevant software drivers, their hurry to get the updates out? At least that is what I think,because I have been using webcams on this system for years,at various times!
Incidentally,if any AB readers are experiencing the same or similar problems then please chip-in!
I too have used "Dummies" for years!
I'm on 1909 and my six year old C920 is working fine.
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The Chair-what do you want a round of applause? I'm looking for help here!

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Webcam For Windows Ten?

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