Digi Box Stopped Recording

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iluvmargie | 18:14 Tue 02nd Jun 2020 | Technology
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Can anyone help? It suddenly stopped recording a week or so ago and somebody said to do a scan and re-tune which I did. It came back for a short time, but now will not record again. Does any 'techie' out there have an answer, or should I just get a new box? Thank you.


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Which digibox? A Sky one or something else?
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It's just a Bush one, used for freeview.
A reboot might just possibly work (although, to be honest, I can't see how it's connected to the recording function). It won't do any harm to try anyway. See the 'reboot' instructions here:
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Thank you very much, I will try this. Can't understand why it just stopped recording, very annoying. Not been a good digi box to be fair, will try a dearer one next time! Thanks again.
Bush was never a 'top of the range' manufacturer but these days they don't even exist. Instead the 'Bush' brand name has been bought by Argos, who now attach it to electrical devices from several different manufacturers (often based in China or elsewhere in the Far East). Their quality standards seem to vary greatly!

For a quality Freeview PVR, look no further than Humax:
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Thank you again Buenchico.

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Digi Box Stopped Recording

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