Spell Checker Required On My Comp Please

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grandpajoe | 19:24 Fri 15th May 2020 | Technology
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We have a new comp which has Windows 10. The last comp ,now on the tip, was windows seven i think. Any way There is no spell checker on this one. When I am on this site or Facebook or Email I am useless at spelling and it shows. is there a downloadable one please??


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"this site or Facebook or Email"

All of which I'm assuming you access through a web browser. If so, all you need to do is Google the name of your browser followed by "spellchecker" and download the one you're used to.
As Jim indicates, spellcheckers aren't embedded into Windows operating systems. They're built into specific software which, in this case, is almost certainly your web browser. It might be that you've already got a spellchecker in your browsr but it's simply not curently enabled or you might need to add one as an extension. So which browser are you using?
And, when you install/enable it, make sure you select English (UK)!
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Many thinks folks !!

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Spell Checker Required On My Comp Please

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