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bentaxle | 17:35 Fri 15th May 2020 | Technology
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My Grandson has just built a pc and he tells me he put in Windows Pro for £ 10 from CDKEYS
I believe he said , is this ok or is there a catch somewhere


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My kids use cdkeys for Xbox, ps and computer stuff so we trust them and we’ve never encountered any problems.
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Thank you Sherrardk for your reply

Their website seems restricted to games rather thst operating systems, unless I missed it.
Like O_G, I can't see anything related to operating systems (rather than games) on the Cdkeys website.

There are loads of online sellers offering dirt cheap product keys for various version of Windows. Many of their websites carry logos to say that they're authorised by Microsoft but they're most definitely not. The product keys have often been 'rescued' from scrapped computers and might, or might not , work on other machines. The reviews for such suppliers are usually split between those praising them for providing an excellent service and other who complain that the keys didn't work and that the seller didn't want to offer any form of assistance to them.
Aha! That's a different compay to Cdkeys ( ), mamya.
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Thank you all for your time used on my question and sorry I'm a bit late with my reply
I spoke to him the other day and he said everything worked ok when he put the key in and windows has updated since so all is well
Thanks again

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