Bitcoin Halving Party Thread

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ukanonymous | 18:52 Mon 11th May 2020 | Technology
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I have the champagne peeps please join me.

**group huggies***


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you need to study it more me old china.
@ 22:00 I was talking to nickorwan.
I think you do, TTT. You have said production rate isn't affected, when that is exactly was is affected.
blocks are mined but they realise halve the 210,000 blocks are mined but they result in halve the coins of the preceding 210,000.
Which is cutting the production rate of bitcoins, and is the whole point.
If a block used to produce X coins but now it produces 0.5X coins, has the rate not been reduced?
Bitcoin is like any other currency, to acquire them you need to spend some other currency or commodity. Try and buy a bitcoin, only £7k.....then you'll see what I mean.

I see you have added 'commodity'
I go by the old phrase “ If it’s sounds too good to be true, it probably is.”
yes, roy, I added commodity to clarify that you need some sort of consideration to buy a bitcoin. Where as you seem to think you can "buy the price" somehow but you don't say what is being used for the purchase.
also roy put quotes around a sentence when you quote another poster.
I knew you said it and you knew you confusion.

People have been paid in Bitcoin not bought them. True story
yes you can earn in Bit coin as well as buy them. My answers above are addressing this statement from you earlier: "You don't buy Bitcoins, you buy the price (or sell) " - (note the use of quotes) how do you buy the price? what does that mean?
I can’t decide if the people trying to explain the whole bitcoins thing are actually really explaining it or are just writing ridiculous nonsense to be ironic.
I'm curious. Did you buy your champagne with bitcoins, ukanonymous?
TTT, you said

''How do you acquire your bitcoins without conventional money?''

I don't think (but maybe he has) ukanonymous has bought any bitcoins...hes' probably trading the price.
that was me talking to the OP, who appears to hate conventional money, how he manages to acquire bit coins.
We don't know if he does buy Bitcoins though.
well he's got the poo out for some reason!
Reading his comments on the first page I could hazard a guess at what he does buy a fair bit of.
Bitcoins is one of those topics that the more I try to find out about it the more confused I get. All those fake ads claiming how Martin Lewis etc made millions from it may have coloured my judgement but it just seems like hype or a scam to me

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Bitcoin Halving Party Thread

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