Ipad Very Slow - Should I Simply Get A New One?

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Arrods | 08:50 Wed 06th May 2020 | Technology
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Hi. I have a 7 year old Ipad ((v9.3.5 I think). Mail+ on line which usually takes seconds to download is now taking an age to do so. Oddly enough, for one day it was back to normal speed but has now reverted to taking ages. Sometimes I get a 'server not available' message. However, I'm not sure it's a Mail+ problem as the Ipad has become generally slow, particularly when using Hotmail. Google searches take a while too.

Again, oddly enough, when I go to YouTube and click on a clip, I get instant results and can watch a 60 minute item without interruption. Is there any significance in this?

My internet speed is good. Storage is only half full and I've removed some apps. I've tried switching on and off but this has had no effect.

I'm quite happy to shell out on a new Ipad if I can be assured that this will resolve the problem. But, before I do, does anyone have any suggestions regarding the current problems? Many thanks.


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You’re way behind on updates. I’m on 13.3.1. Have you had trouble updating?
Have you tried a factory reset? Making sure you’ve backed any documents and photos up on iCloud first ?
Me too, just done a recent update ( same as Zac)
As your iPad gets older, it no longer has the capacity to download the updates. Mail Online became difficult to download or read on my husband’s old iPad mini last year. The new version of Mail would not download at all.
Had to buy him a new iPad for Christmas.
If you do buy a new one, make sure you get at least the 64gig version as this will allow it to have the memory to cope with updates. My iPad Air is at least 7 years old and I’ve never had an issue.
I don't think your iPad can update any further. Factory reset is a good idea, if your cloud storage is full you can back up in other ways, such as to your pc using iTunes.
Question Author
Thanks for the speedy responses all.

I get a message that the Ipad software is up to date so presumably I can't get any higher?

A factory reset? I've held the two buttons down simultaneously and then restarted. Is that a factory reset? If so, that didn't work either.
For a factory reset you need to go to Settings > General > Reset and pick from options there.
Double check you’ve got photos etc backed up first. And check again.
I had a similar problem with a seven year old iPad. It kept dropping internet connection or saying server couldn’t be found. I bought a new one and have had no problems since.
No, that’s a soft reset. Factory reset:
Be aware that a factory reset will put the iPad back to the way it was when you bought it. It will have to have all the updates installed. Make sure you haven't forgotten all your log in details
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Again, my thanks to all for the comments and warnings. It'll take me a while to do the backups etc (never done it before) so bear with me.

As a matter of interest though, is there any reason why I don't have any problem with downloading/watching YouTube as explained above? Thanks.
Are you really downloading, or just watching them on the YouTube website?
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Yes zacs - just watching, so I guess that's the answer.
Indeed. I doubt whether a factory reset would do any good at all, as it still wouldn’t allow you to get the latest iOS version. Time for a new one, I’d say. The Air versions are great by the way, much lighter than the standard model so can be held for longer with greater comfort. As I said, make sure you get at least the 64g version (128g if you can afford it).
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Indeed Zacs. I had already been researching the Air versions and was hitting on the idea of one of those. Luckily, my birthday is coming up and wife and boys have been asking me what I would like!
Excellent. They’re made in China you know! ;-)
Downloading and streaming are much the same thing. In both the video is being sent to the iPad, same amount of data used. The only difference is that a streamed video isn't saved to the hard drive. Saving a file isn't particularly taxing on a iPad so it shouldn't make any difference.
Still worth trying the factory reset, even if you intend getting a new one. Always handy to have a spare.

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Ipad Very Slow - Should I Simply Get A New One?

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