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long2019 | 19:11 Tue 05th May 2020 | Technology
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anyone having trouble with talktalk landline me no landline 2 months


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Landline problems are usually restricted to either a single property or to a single exchange which serves a number of properties. Unlike mobile phone signals, a service provider's entire network can't go down. So, unless anyone here happens to live so close to you that they're served from the same exchange, it's unlikely that they'd be suffering from a similar problem. Further, TalkTalk's website is showing "no reported issues" with landline services.
Has the bill been paid?
have you tried another phone?
You had a few threads on this in March. Have you tried contacting TalkTalk (by email/mobile/someone else's phone). Maybe a socket issue . Can you receive calls?
My neighbour keeps having problems with her phone. The BT man tried routing it through my line two weeks ago but couldn’t because three of the four wires were broken lol

They came and sorted it out last week. But it stopped working for about half an hour again today.

Once again she has my mobile just in case...... not that she knows how to use it though.
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ta for nfo had engineeer on the 4th march checked outside house checked in side al was ok he said he blamed the landline base unit was the prob bought a new one still showing on phone check phone line bill paid by dd = cannot get through to talk talk
due to virus
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oh cannot receive or make calls
Is your broadband on your landline?

Is it it that you are using to post on here?

Have you got more that one socket? If so, disconnect everything and then try a phone in each in turn. If you have a second phone, repeat using the second phone.

Do your socket(s) have built in filters or do you have filters plugged in to each of them? If its a plug in filter try the socket without a filter and then with a different filter.

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ta for alll the nice info mr t
did all u said no luck on phone it still says check pho line thank u

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