Unable To Send Emails Using Gmail For Outlook

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David H | 19:53 Fri 03rd Apr 2020 | Technology
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My mother runs Windows 10 and after trying to solve a blocked email system on Windows Live Mail it has created a conflict with the Outlook delivery system, meaning all her inbox has been removed, both on Windows Live and Outlook online, but both accounts can send messages but can't receive them. Gmail online is unaffected and has everything on it. I've tried every known method but this one's new to me.


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Are you saying the the Inbox folder itself is missing? If so, then Outlook won't have anywhere to deposit incoming email, though I'm surprised it's not throwing any errors.
Usually simply deleting the acount and then creating it again fixes such problems.
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The inbox is still there but has one message from Microsoft. All the rest were removed both on Windows Mail and Microsoft online. I already deleted and replaced the gmail account with no luck. The jam is clearly Outlook blocking all incoming mail as Gmail online has it but can't send it to any Windows apps anywhere.
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I just disabled Imap after reading a tip from Gmail and Outlook online is now working. Just the Windows Mail to sort now.
Use imap rather than pop.

With imap your emails are kept on the server - thus you can see them from any device.

With pop the emails are downloaded onto whatever device you are using at that time, thus if you download message 1 on device a, you wouldn't see it on device b.
^^ Not quite. With POP3 mailboxes, you typically have a setting which keeps emails on the mail server for a certain number of days, usually 14, so you have plenty of time to read them on other devices if you want.
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My mother just found if you search a name they all come up for it so they are there all the time but hidden unless you call them up one at a time. The same happens online and offline. Any ideas?

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Unable To Send Emails Using Gmail For Outlook

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