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zingo1327 | 13:37 Sun 29th Mar 2020 | Technology
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I'm a novice with mobile phones so can't answer a friends question. It's this. She is paying £17 a month for 500mb of data (which runs out after 3 weeks or so)when the company website has an offer of 60gb for £18 a month,sim only. Is there any way she can switch to this deal and still save all her photos to the new sim card. Idiots guide please. Thank you in advance


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Your friend's photos aren't stored on the SIM anyway. They're either stored in the phone's internal memory or on the mini/micro-SD card that she's slotted into it (which has nothing to do with the SIM).

Further, if she switches to a different deal from the same provider she won't need a new SIM.

£17 for 500 Mb is ludicrously expensive but (given that 500 Mb is nearly enough for her needs), changing to a deal that offers 120 times as much data is ruddy silly too. If she switches to Asda mobile, for example, she can get 5 times as much data as she currently gets (2.5 Gb), which should easily be enough for her needs, and pay just £7 a month for it. (Switching to Asda Mobile, or to any other service provider, would involve changing the SIM but she could keep the same phone number and her photos would be unaffected).
What network is your friend on .. and what do they get for £17.00
.. re. texts and minutes. We know they get 500mb of data.
My suspicion is the contract includes a phone or, your friend would seem to have a very poor deal, with only 500mb per month for £17.00 .
It is very easy to better that deal if it's sim only.. In fact it would seem impossible to get a worse one !

All phone providers will gladly let you upgrade a contract at any stage of a contract. This sets the clock running again and once again you are tied in for a given period. Often 12 .. 18 or 24 months.
Great SIM only deals here with Giffgaff.
I'm guessing (like alavahalf) that the £17 per month included provision of a new phone handset - in which case you can't just 'change to SIM only' unless/until the initial contract period of 12/18/24 months has been completed. Most of the £17 in such a deal is actually buying the handset over the contract period.

Once you are out of contract, I agree that your target for such a light user of data should be around £10 a month.
Sorry, once again forgot the link.

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