Loads Of Adverts On Tablet

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HongKongphooey | 11:52 Sun 29th Mar 2020 | Technology
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Recently, only Samsung galaxy tablet I have been getting loads of adverts that pop up and obscure the screen. I looked on settings in security,but it only allowed me to block things like google and pinterest which I definately dont want to do! Cant find how to block popups anywhere. I'm not very tech savvy!! How can I block all these ads. PS I need an idiots guide


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Try a scan with Malwarebytes:
Just like you, as a rule I use a Samsung tab S tablet to access AB .. it is super quick and a never has any issues on AB.
Up until a couple of years ago I would often avoid AB for days or weeks at a time. Going by the number of people asking the same question it would seem that I wasn't alone. It was a constant battle with freezing, slow loading and pop ups. Many times I would just accept that it was unattainable and leave it alone.
Then I seen the light .. it really was a very simple solution to solve.
Install the 'Brave' browser, that's it ! It takes 30 seconds to download. Add it to your desktop and use it whenever you go on AB.. try it and it will soon become your favourite !
Thought I might share a screenshot of what I see when on AB ..
notice anything missing ?

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Loads Of Adverts On Tablet

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