Setting Up Sky Broadband Internet Connection

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Unionstreet | 08:02 Sun 29th Mar 2020 | Technology
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Son needs help please. Lives elsewhere. Sky broadband router arrived yesterday. Four lights. Power and WiFi full green. Internet and voice a dim green. Cannot connect to phone. Says no internet.

He's watched the sky help videos and I've trawled through Google and we can't seem to fix it.

He plugged the router in yesterday morning so connected more than 15 hrs

He's rang the sky helpline but due to Corona virus he doesn't come under the vulnerable/elderly category to receive help

Any advice please?


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Does he have a filter box plugged into the phone line?
A bit more information would be useful.
Is it fibre broadband or wired?
Is this a new installation, an update to an existing setup or a change of service provider?
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Thanks for your replies

I really appreciate it

He's got Sky tv but no phone line!!

Ever likely it's not working.
Sorry to have asked a question that needn't have been asked. I've been worrying (mum occupation)
You say he's got no phone line!

Do you mean he physically doesn't have a phone line - you need one for internet.

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Setting Up Sky Broadband Internet Connection

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