O2 Mobile Reception

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haras2 | 23:38 Sat 28th Mar 2020 | Technology
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Is anyone else having a problem with this provider or is it local to West Wales ?


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Any use?
23:41 Sat 28th Mar 2020
OK in Manchester. Can you ring them from a landline to check the problem?
You can check the status here,
Ooh! Snap!
Great minds and fools...
>>> Great minds and fools

So which one are you?

Still thinking...
Question Author
Thank you Buenchico
thanks to your post I now know
"A mast close to you is not working"
Well, it seems I'm not great...(cue petted lip)
Hi Haras2 (and Shady the Sad).

Methinks TCL could take umbrage here ;-)
(Crossed posts)

. . . and I was right ;-)
Question Author
Sorry Corbyloon!
I clicked Buenchico for best answer before I realised you'd come up with the same correct solution
Thank you both
Too late...the damage has been done.
You can still change 'Best Answer', Haras2, and, as I simply can't stand the sight of TCL sobbing like that, perhaps you ought to ;-)
I don't want your pity!
You do yir best to help folk and it just gets ignored...don't know why I bother sometimes...
Question Author
It's bad enough having no mobile reception till goodness knows when without the guilt trip of having offended someone whose intentions were good but was cruelly ignored
Back to the Muscadet!
Question Author
I'm not going to change it
But next time...........

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O2 Mobile Reception

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