Can Someone Please Help Me With My C++ Homework

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bernicevendeza | 01:59 Sat 28th Mar 2020 | Technology
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I have a simple problem in my textbook that I just couldn't understand. Since classes were cancelled, we didn't really get a chance to discuss it and I don't see any examples similar to it in the chapter.

Suppose that the input is 6 -2 4 9 -5 8. What is the output of the following code?
int num, count, temp = 1;
cin >> num;
for (count = 1; count > num;


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The last line should be count, not cout.

But it probably still won't compile.

What value are you expecting cou(n)t to be?
I cannot think what cin》number means. have you used a thing similar before?
This is from my son. I hope it helps.

The code provided is not valid C++ syntax. I think I gather what the code is meant to do though.
The input isn't valid as an integer unless you put a + where the positive numbers are. Unless these are not one input but meant to be done sequentially.
It will go through the for loop while count < input, and increment at the end of the loop.

The cout doesn't have anything after it but I presume it is meant to display count which will be the same as the input number.

int num, count, temp = 1;
std::cin >> num;
for (count = 1; count < num; count++) {

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Can Someone Please Help Me With My C++ Homework

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