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Bob906 | 11:38 Fri 27th Mar 2020 | Technology
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Hi all hope you are keeping safe
I have got an iPhone 6s with a software version 13.3.1 I had an indication that it needed an update to 13.4 I tried to download it and the phone went off not to switch on again.

When I try to switch it on all I get is the apple then after 15 minutes it goes off again, if any one can help I will be very grateful. I am 75 years old and in the vulnerable category


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Hold the home button on the front under the screen and the power button on the side.

Hold those 2 buttons simultaneously for about 20 seconds, and that should force your phone to reboot.

The iPhone 6S is an old model, and I would recommend not updating to iOS 13.4.
Careful! Holding the 2 buttons for longer than the time necessary will cause the itunes logo to appear. If this happens, you need to plug your phone into the computer.
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Thank you for your reply but sadly it did not work, only got the apple and then went off again.
Try to plug your phone into the computer.. It might help kick something
Alternatively, you could try a cold reboot, remove battery, leave 20mins and replace battery, may help.
Have seen this before usually if you hold the home button and the on /off button at the same time it comes on again.

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Apple Iphone 6S

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