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barry1010 | 11:24 Fri 27th Mar 2020 | Technology
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I have some important forms to fill in that aren't available online and plan to scan them in to my pc/ I need a good PDF editor so that I can complete them and am looking for recommendations.

I don't have Word. If there is a free version of Word that will do this, please let me know.


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If you scan them you will be left with a photo, not text that can be edited.

You scan will probably be a .jpg file, so you need to import that as a picture into whatever word processing program you use, and save it as a .pdf file, usually through your print menu. Still won’t be editable, but sendable as a pdf file.
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That's why I need a pdf editor, Gromit, so that I can edit it :) I won't be able to send it, I have to print it and post it.
You cannot make an editable pdf from a scan.

If you have a paper version, and you are going to mail a paper version, you just need tippex and a pen.
Have a look at this Barry....In the past I have used Ableword but do not have it on my current system. Was dead easy. I used it to complete a complicated insurance claim and was able to fill it in and edit then print off hard copy. Ableword.
Acrobat will do exactly what you ask. Think I would be going this route if I needed the facility again.

if yo install the Adobe Acrobat reader don't forget to uncheck the box that says Improve your Internet protection Yes,
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Thanks all for your help. :)
Check your scan settings first. Most of the current models have a 'Save as' option which includes pdf
I normally use Foxit Reader as a pdf editor.
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Yes, my scanners can save as .pdf, thanks, Alice

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