Alexa Behaving Oddly

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bednobs | 20:43 Sun 01st Mar 2020 | Technology
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when i ask my downstairs alexa to set a timer, if someone is listening to the upstairs one it'll conform the timer on that one too (and interrupt what they are listening to) They are not grouped on the app and i really dont think it's happened before. How can i stop it?


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Do they have the same wake word? I changed one of mine, as they both responded otherwise, even though they are nowhere near each other.
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yes they do. I'll have to try that, but we have 5 and i dont think there are 5 choices for wake words. Also, i wont remember who's called what :)
Lol... I had to change the names on the app, and we only have three. But maybe try changing one of them first, and hopefully, it should stop responding for the others.
Ah, probably just feedback; Amazon spies listening in on their loudspeaker but forgetting their microphone hasn't been switched off. Write them a stiff letter.

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Alexa Behaving Oddly

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