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tearinghair | 17:33 Sat 29th Feb 2020 | Technology
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I'm trying to copy a document (actually the new Rainbow quiz), but all I'm getting is blank pages. I've tried holding the cover down firmly, but that makes no difference. Also tried the scanner facility (same machine) and that also shows blank pages. Is it my scanner at fault? It's quite old, but there was no problem last time I used it. Or could it be because the paper the quiz is printed on is very shiny? Clutching at straws here.


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Have you tried scanning something else to see whether that works? If not it's your scanner not the quiz sheet that is the problem
Give us details of your machine. That might help.
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Thank you, fiction-factory. I did as you suggested, and it copied perfectly. Then I tried the original again, and it's fine. Goodness knows what happened the first few times I tried it. Gremlin in the machine, maybe.
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Sorry, bookbinder, I didn't see your answer earlier. It's a Canon Lide 210. I noticed that the lock on the back was a bit loose, perhaps that caused it.
All's well that ends well, then!
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Yes, thank you both. But I think it may be time to invest in a new printer/scanner; when I try to print on to photo paper I find that it rubs straight off afterwards. I suppose if you pay peanuts....
Try different photo paper - at work our supplier sent their own brand instead of Epson as ordered.

I tried their paper, but the black ink just sat like puddles on the paper (printer uses multiple blacks).
As Tuvok indicates, the type of paper you use is really important. (Generally far more so the brand of inks you use).

Some photo papers (e.g. the ones sold in Poundland, et al) are always rubbish. With other sources (such as supermarket own brand products) thee can be a lot of difference in quality. (e.g. Morrison's photo paper is unusable but Tesco's isn't too bad).

For 'everyday' printing, this is what I always use:
(That works out at 32p per sheet but it can only cost you 13p per sheet if you look out for the larger packs: )

For top quality photo printing though (e.g. if I'm printing a photo which is to be framed as a gift) I prefer to use Kodak Ultra Premium photo paper:
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Thank you for the advice. I've been using W H Smiths mediumweight glossy, which coincided with a cheap new Canon printer, so I thought that was the problem; maybe it was the paper. I'll upgrade to a better quality.

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Cannot Copy Or Scan

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