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zingo1327 | 16:39 Wed 26th Feb 2020 | Technology
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When I had windows xp there was a search box asking if I wanted to search for music, photos, videos or files. When i ticked "photos" and "search" every photo on my computer was shown on screen in minature. I can't find this option on windows 10.
ps. most of the time the search box in windows 10 doesn't have a curser so I can't type in it.
Thank you in advance


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There should be a 'Photos' tab at the top of the search pane.

However I suspect that you'll still need to tell Windows that you want to search for all files within that category, which means that you'll need to be able to type something in the box. (Sorry, I can't think of a way of doing what you want without using the search box. If you can't get a cursor, take a look at Youtube videos about repairing Windows File Explorer). Using *.* as your search term (with the 'Photos' tab selected) should find all photos.

Alternatively (without bothering with the 'Photos' tab, try searching for *.jpg
That should find all jpeg images on your computer.

Searching for ext:.jpg should do the same thing.

Or try ' type: photos ' as your search term.

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Search And Display All My Photos

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