Thinking Your Phone Is Abroad

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whurules | 22:09 Fri 21st Feb 2020 | Technology
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Could anyone tell me if there is a free (and legal) way of making your phone think it's abroad, I want to download an app that's not available on this country thank you


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Install a VPN. Be wary of those that claim to be totally free though; there are almost certainly some strings attached. Instead look for a provider that offers a free trial

TechRadar (which is well-respected) recommends ExpressVPN for Android phone users
and they offer a 30-day free trial:

If the app needs to think that you're in another country when it's actually in use though (rather than just when you download and install it), you'll need to sign-up to a contract with a VPN provider.
You need a VPN service. Check the app store.
I can recommend ExpressVPN. It is the one I use.
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Thanks all, sounds a bit above me but will have a look because I'm desperate!
Check purevpn also they are offering 7 days trial at 0.99$

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Thinking Your Phone Is Abroad

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