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Cloverjo | 17:28 Fri 21st Feb 2020 | Technology
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My dad’s computer has developed a problem. He uses Mozilla Firefox as his browser, but it has got stuck on Amazon somehow. Any search only searches the Amazon site. I’ve tried setting the home page to Google, but that hasn’t helped. I’ve tried downloading Chrome, but it says it’s not compatible with Linux which is his OS.
Any ideas please?


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Switch off at mains,wait 30 seconds or so,switch on again.
When you say stuck on Amazon.... do you mean that every search takes you to the Amazon website or that somehow you have got lumbered with the Amazon browser bar and search settings? I suspect the latter. Read through this Clover. It gives the different options for whatever system you are using.
When you say “any search” what are you clicking to do a search?

Is it perhaps the Amazon smart search extension?
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I tried searching “google” and it searched the Amazon site for things with google in their names. I tried searching “YouTube” and it looked for things called that on the Amazon site.
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I didn’t get much further than that. My dad was getting fed up with it and has other things to worry about. I just wondered what’s gone wrong. Thanks for all answers so far.
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Just had this email from my dad. Does it shed any light on the situation?

//"Software index broken"
"Mager fail of Software System" Check for broken packages of
"Synaptic check" File permission`
`/etc/apt/ sourses" check file and reload "SupoApt- get update.
SupoApt-get Install"
Your post at 1703 has me lost! (I'd be very suspicious of any message that spells 'major' as 'mager'! It suggests that there might be some malware present!)

However the basic problem of an incorrect default search engine is simple enough to fix:
Click the three lines at the top right.
Click 'Options'.
Click 'Search' (in the left-hand panel)
Under 'Default Search Engine', click on what (presumably) currently shows '' and change it to 'Google'.
That looks like it may need a bit of serious work Clover. I don't know how capable you are or whether there ios family member with tech skills. I would be thinking twice before having a go. Again read through this link.....if nothing else it gives you an idea of what may need doing. Can your Dad remember what has been installed since it was running OK. Perhaps try uninstalling it. Can you return to a previous point, have you tried a safe boot? Read through this as I said(scroll down to see the replies)
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Thank you Buenchico and Togo.
I’ll try that when I’m next there. He’s got another computer so it’s not the end of the world. He just likes that one.
Try Firefox in safe mode

If it works fine in safe mode then there is something installed thats causing the problem normally.

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Problem With Browser

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