New Computer Possibly?

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paul1763 | 16:36 Tue 18th Feb 2020 | Technology
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Hi all, my old windows 7 computer has given up and I’m wondering if I was to get a new one, would it be possible to install windows 7 from the disk I’ve got or should I put the old one in for repair yet again? Thanks for any help you can give me.


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If your computer came with Windows installed it is most likely that any installation disc that came with it will only work for that computer.
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Thanks for your answer bhg481, I never knew that is how computers worked. I just assumed that any operating system could be wiped off a new pc and my disk set up on it. Goes to show you learn something new every day.
Your windows would be licensed for the computer it was installed on only. IMO a con, but you don't legally buy the operating system, just a license to use it, so can't easily legally transfer it to another PC. Is if it's worth repairing and if not start again from scratch.
You can use your Windows 7 disk to install Windows on a new computer but only if you've got a valid product key to go it with.

Further, it's probably unwise to load Windows 7 onto any machiene now that support for that operating system has ended. (Let me be clear on this: I'm using a Windows 7 computer to type this post, so I'm obviously not expecting the sky to fall in immediately simply because Microsoft is no longer issuing security updates for Windows 7. However, as the ransomware attack on NHS computers running Windows XP proved, sticking with an unsupported operating system can become risky in the long run).

So I'd suggest that it's time to move onto Windows 10 (as I'll probably be doing in the near future). You can buy a reconditioned Windows 10 computer (from a reputable supplier that I've got total faith in) for not much more than you'd pay to get your existing machine repaired:

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New Computer Possibly?

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