Windows Needs Space To Update.....

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10ClarionSt | 07:04 Wed 12th Feb 2020 | Technology
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Just had that message on my PC from MS. It says it can't install the latest updates unless I use a memory device. It says I don't have enough memory space. This is rather baffling as this is a new laptop. Only been using it for 3 weeks. In fact I hardly use it at all. Can anyone advise please?


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What's the capacity of your PC? I had a similar problem- Windows 10 needed something like 20Gb spare. I tried clearing out as much as I could but was till well short of capacity. In the end I restored it back to factory settings and it cleared out enough space.
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Thanks ff. The message says I have to clear the recycle bin, downloads and temp internet files. The recycle was empty anyway; there are only 4 files in the downloads folder, none of them larger than 1MB and I always delete temp internet files by deleting internet history. I'll try restoring to factory settings. Thanks.
Sounds like it's complaining of disk space rather than memory. Is your C: drive fairly full ?
How big is your hard drive?
I bought a new lap top fairly recently just before windows 10 bought out a new version. I was told I didn't have enough space to update to the new version, so I didn't bother. After a year I got rid of MS Office and replaced it with MS word, a much more low key program and bought for about £10. However, I constantly get messages saying not enough room for updates. As I only use the laptop for office stuff and printing ( can't print off my iPad ) it bothers me not at all. I keep the security up to date, but without the constant updates my laptop is really fast and easy to use.
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Thanks for the replies. I rarely use this laptop. I only got it because MS pulled the plug on support for W7, so I don't get updates for either of them now. I'm at a loss as to how there is not enough memory when I haven't downloaded or installed anything.

OG, the message is specific about memory. It says not enough to install updates. I'm really brassed off about this. I'll probably take to my local computer shop. He's quite good. Thanks again.
Help us to help you, 10C. Hard drive size, make/model of the laptop?
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Well you could always plug in a flash drive. But clearing the recycle bin, deleting downloads, and temp files; they're all storage related not memory related.
if you are going to go back to factory settings make sure you download important files onto a pendrive.
Clearing out music, photos scans, downloads is often not enough.
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Make/model is HP Stream. Storage shows as 28.7 GB. 22GB used. Actually since I started using it, I've installed a wireless printer; Avast; and one other program. Nothing else. Why would there be so many pre-loaded programs that wouldn't allow for Windows Updates?
Thanks for the replies.
Not at all surprised that your laptop can't install the updates. It is a VERY small drive, type eMMC which is a memory card usually used in phones, not a traditional hard drive or the newer SSD.

Did you get advice from the seller before buying the machine?
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Thanks Barry. Sorry for the late reply. I've thought about upgrading the hard drive. We'll see. No advice from the seller as I got it off Mrs Clarion! Good innit?!
I really don’t know if you can upgrade the hard drive as it doesn’t have one. It has an embedded memory card instead

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Windows Needs Space To Update.....

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