Ipad Screen Puzzle!

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Smowball | 14:12 Tue 28th Jan 2020 | Technology
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I was on my ipad last night typing to a friend on WhatsApp when the screen keyboard suddenly split in 2, with the left hand side of the keyboard/letters in a square on bottom left of screen and the right hand side of keyboard/letters at bottom right of screen, making it impossible to type anything. I've never ever seen this before and have tried everything to get it back to normal but with no luck. Any ideas???


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Mine did that Smowball think there is a link on top left corner of screen that will resolve it to normal keyboard
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Ok let me give it a go!
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Yes it worked!!! You lot are brilliant xxx
Smow glad you are sorted.
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Thanks guys. Don’t even know why it did it in the first place!
Smow I've tried it before but couldn't get on with it.
like with most of this sort of tish, you did it without realising. Leave finger on keyboard icon too long and wallop, here you are. One of the many MOCS features that haunt us I'm afraid.
Hello, Just wondered how you got on with your memory problem which your talked about a few days ago?
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Hi hun, I’ve got an appointment with a neurologist - if I remember to go!!
It is the multi-tasking feature.

To stop it ever happening again go to

Settings > Home Screen & Dock > Multitasking.

And toggles the switch off.

(MOSC ?)
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Thankyou Gromit x

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Ipad Screen Puzzle!

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