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browndmb | 15:54 Sun 12th Jan 2020 | Technology
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I am needing an new I pad and trading in the one I have. Will the shop transfer all my stuff on to the new one or if not will they back it up so that it can be added to my new one. The I cloud is a mystery to me.

Any thoughts much appreciated


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If you use itunes and backup your current ipad. I'd also manually backup your photos and ibooks.

Then connect your new ipad and opt to restore from backup.
In my experience, i dont think so.
Ask the shop staff.
You would be trusting the shop staff with sensitive information possibly.
If you back your ipad up to icloud, then you can simply access the contents from your new ipad, or any idevice infact. You can switch it on in Settings. More info and simple instructions here.
You just place the devices next to each other:
Just as zac says side by side you will need it done in the shop tho if you are trading it in. It’s all done as if by magic everything transfers all photos apps and all new iPad exact as old one
Mind you it depends how old your iPad is if below iOS 11 I think it is it won’t work this way.
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Thank you to all for the help. I went yesterday and traded in with no trouble in the transferring of all details except for the mail section and am haveing some trouble as have forgotten the relevant password. I am still OK on the main computer.

Another task that i had not been looking forward to has been carried out.
Thanks again

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