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237SJ | 03:14 Sun 05th Jan 2020 | Technology
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After reading about it on here, I downloaded Ccleaner. It has analyzed my computer and says I have 8000+ trackers. Is it safe to clean them?


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Where did you download it from?
If you do, 237SJ make sure that you know all your passwords because CCleaner will wipe them out and when you need to visit a site that needs a ( your ) password you'll have to re-enter it.
^^^ Tony's advice only applies if you've got CCleaner set up to delete ALL cookies. Tracking cookies can be deleted without any risk at all.
It's been a long while since I used CC but I used to find that the default settings used to delete far too much anyway. I suspect checking them first would still be a wise move.
I did this on the advice of Chris, my computer has speeded up so it was a sound bit of advice from him I think
Bobbisox // my computer has speeded up so it was a sound bit of advice from him I think//

But did you keep your passwords?
Yes Khandro, they were all there
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It's only the cookies I`m going to risk wiping at the moment. It seems a bit odd though. I downloaded the Opera browser because the ads are so intrusive on some of the newspaper sites but they still came through on Opera so I uninstalled it again. It was literaly only on the computer for 10 minutes but ccleaner says that there are 239 trackers from Opera.
Use the custom clean button just below the standard one and select what you wish to clean.

Personally I use a password Manger (Daashlane). Passwords dont get wiped (or hopefully pinched) that way
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Thanks for the replies. Thanks youngmafbog - I used the analyze function and the two options came up - trackers and junk. The junk was mainly temporary files but I`m not sure if that will wipe passwords so I deticked all of that and just wiped the tracking cookies.
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